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Ben Raybourn – Toad Face Blunt to Fakie

I just realized every Raybourn trick on here is 1. to fakie and 2. from Bones New Ground… That wasn’t the plan. It just worked out that way.


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Ben Raybourn – Boardslide to Fakie


Ben Raybourn – Ollie to Smith in a Horse Bath Pool



Q: That pool, the one that you ollied up to smith, explain that thing. How deep is it?

A: My friend’s girlfriend had seen it while she was skydiving. He got someone to run recon; it turned out to be a monster of a pool that looked skateable. The thing’s like 15 to 20 feet deep, and even better yet, it has a huge natural roll in to it.  Later on we found out it was a pool for horses — Either for washing them, rehabbing them, or sending them to their death.

Ben Raybourn Eats Pizza Somewhere in Eastern Europe Probably


Ben Raybourn – Backside Boneless to Fakie